ONE picture is worth a thousand words: Slatonite Roger Rockafellow at Quantico National Cemetery.

Honor Flight 2018 from Lubbock, Texas is the FIRST AND ONLY honor flight to participate in a Veterans Funeral Service, — We were his family.

Roger was overcome with TEARS OF HAPPINESS AND SORROW for participating in the real world of

the price for FREEDOM  that veterans know deep inside that freedom is not free.



Slaton was well represented with 17 individuals, Lubbock had about 60 and the total was 143 on the 2018 flight.

One of the Slatonite’s is barely in the picture ( far right almost out of sight in BLUE  T-Shirt is George Simko , holding a wheelchair for someone else and who is married to Elaine Wolf, daughter of Art & Ludwina (Bednarz)  Wolf of Slaton, Tx..

Back row third from left barely visible is Linda McLaughlin (wife of Dale McLaughlin – long time owner of Mac Olds at Slaton, Tx.)

Others: Jerry Kitten, Chester Young, Jimmie Howell, Loyd Pierce, Trevor Barnes,  Robert Vanstory, Ethan Inmon, Craig Mann, Clint Inmon, Don Holder, Charles Hankson, Vivian Henderson, Roger Rockafellow, Rhonda Cantrell, Casey Davis and Jay Wadsworth (not pictured)

Thank you to the Knights of Columbus of Slaton, Texas for your contribution to the Honor Flight Program which probably helped in Jerry Kitten of the Slaton Knights of Columbus being the FIRST of our council to be honored in this special award.

Remember to visit my latest website to see more detail about this once in a lifetime event:




Notice that the Honor Guard is kneeling on his left knee while presenting the flag to Honor Flight 2018 (In our nations Capitol, Rotunda, Prayer Chapel, Stained Glass Door, George Washington in kneeling on his left knee)

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